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Praise and affection for TORO Cloud

With Martini, you can design, mock, and test an API design without writing a single line of code. Then publish an OpenAPI compliant schema with oAuth 2.0 based security at the touch of a button. All backend services and workflows created with Martini are RESTful, facilitating service reuse, SOA, and microservices.



Design APIs

API first design methodology with a visual API designer.

Consume APIs

Consume any RESTful or SOAP service.

API Monetization

Apply billing rules and create reports.

OpenAPI,Swagger, Postman, SOAP.

Publish APIs

API Marketplace

Thousands of APIs, code samples.Share and collaborate.

API Usage Analytics

Visualize API usage with custom charts.

API Documentaton

Make your API discoverable with API Explorer.

API Security

Apply oAuth or basic security.

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Integrate, well, anything really

The modern enterprise uses hundreds of SaaS applications, databases, legacy systems, line-of-business applications, and mobile apps. In addition, data is processed and exchanged via flat files, spreadsheets, JSON, YAML, and XML via various transports and protocols. Martini can integrate all of them — faster than you ever thought possible.

We killed the connector

Other integration platforms require a connector for each of the applications you want to integrate. With Martini, you can consume any RESTful API directly so that you'll never again have to wait around for your integration platform to create or update a connector. Integration without limits.

Turn systems into applications Illustration

Unleash data from legacy applications and databases. Consolidate data across systemsinto dashboards and reports. Build full-stack applications with RESTful interfaces using manageable low-code microservices.

Manage and integrate data

Martini can extract, load, transform, merge, and verify the integrity of data in virtually any data format.

Read and write data to SQL and noSQL databases, JMS and Kafka message queues, as well as

various transports and file formats.

Automate business processes and workflows

Design workflows visually. Automate actions or processes during each step of the workflow. Workflows can be started and transitioned through each step in the workflow via system events or through human interaction.

Deploy anywhere

Deploy Martini on any public cloud provider, private cloud, on-premise server, or a hybrid of any combination of cloud and on-premise deployments.

outranks Mulesoft for


Ease of Use in iPaaS Software

"Comprehensive solution platform for all the development needs of an API"

The IDE automates almost all the regular activities for a developer. The developer can focus on the business logic and let Martini handle all the low-level plumbing effort like security, logging, documentation, transaction management. The interface is intuitive and the documentation is also pretty clear. This helps the developer to hit the ground running. Seamless integration for other 3rd party tools like G-suite apps (Gmail, Google sheets, Calendar), Slack, Github. There is also an option for building reports using drag-n-drop. This significantly reduces effort to get a new report to production...

Increased productivity and time saving with Gloop microservices and API design. I am amazed at how easy it is to use and create services and endpoints for these services seamlessly integrates with various sources like JMS, Email, HTTP, scheduler, etc. A great tutorial helps you to get the basics under the belt quickly and easily and start increasing your productivity in creating apps, without needing much code to do it. The quick implementation of OAuth 2.0 security for your API is also a definite plus. I'm very impressed with this tool!

"An exciting all-in-one tool for creating application services"

"The useful tool, if you don't want to write code"

The program eliminates the necessity to write code, instead of that, program development goes through the simple GUI, code is generated inside the box, so you don't need to think about. Comfortable to provide dependencies between variables, classes, and easy to configure API(any type according to needs, with security options) without writing any code, everything exists in GUI. I got used to a new program less than 1-hour following guidance at their website, so it is simply to start, yes, I got stuck at some points, but it is the first time. By the way, it gives fully functional development, including connection to databases, tools for testing, debugging, and wizards, API documentation, etc...

"Awesome platform to maximize to maximize productivity"

What surprised me with Martini is that the platform integrates a wide range of ready-to-use, open-source frameworks like Apache Solr, Apache Kafka. A domain-driven-design architecture can be implemented using the Martini package and Martini service. Also, Martini has a really ergonomic interface that allows me to quickly create different components. The Martini desktop application is based on Eclipse so it is very familiar for a java developer like me to work with it.

"API Development just got easier but more powerful"

The app was really accessible and easy to setup, and it's free! Unlike other API Tools out there, the interface is intuitive and professional-looking. What I like about this app is that my team uses it for several projects, without some of us even knowing how to code. Martini is visual and easy to use. The best part is the app's triggering function on services. Will definitely recommend this to other developers

Chandan S

Senior Software Engineer

Liezel S

Small Business Owner and Software Developer

Bohdan C

Java Back-end Developer

Moïse A

Java Software Developer

Jaye Kenneth L

Information Systems Analyst

TORO Cloud is enabling the digital transformation of enterprises globally

Digital transformation requires that an enterprise become an agile organization that delivers digital products and services at speed.

To achieve agility an enterprise must have a cohesive ecosystem of systems and processes that enable data to flow seamlessly between them via simple and secure interfaces. Sometimes referred to as an “enterprise operating system” it consists of a collection of an enterprise’s internal line of business applications, SaaS-based services, legacy applications, databases, as well as manual business processes and workflows.

TORO Cloud enables the digital transformation of an enterprise with solutions that provide an API centric approach to application development, integration, and workflow automation. Together this enables an enterprise to create modern modular applications, integrate existing applications, databases or services, and automate business processes.

And we do all this through a simple low-code framework that not only reduces the learning curve required but also supercharges productivity and results in applications that are more secure, scalable and easier to maintain.

Executive Team

David Brown

Founder and CEO

Vivien Jovet

Product Architect

Rafal Janicki

Systems Architect

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