We killed the connector. Long live the API schema.

blogDecember 12, 2018 · David Brown

Why Enterprise Application Integration platforms have traditionally used connectors. A connector is a piece of code that wraps an external API so that it can communicate with your application. Huh? Ok, well, let’s run through practical example... Say, for example, that you wanted to update a contact in your CRM system every time there was a change to the same contact in your ERP (or accounting system). The providers of both the CRM and ERP system document their APIs on their websites. This documentation describes all of the operations available in the API, the method by which you should connect to the API, security and other settings.

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Interview Series: The Vision for TORO

blog David Brown, Wayne Bucklar

Wayne Bucklar interviews David Brown, Founder & CEO of TORO in which Brown explains what drove him to create TORO and his mission to create accessible enterprise software. In this interview, David Brown talks about his vision for TORO and how he is making that vision a reality with the launch of TORO Integrate.

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TORO brings transparency to the enterprise software market

blog David Brown, Founder and CEO

A vision several years in the making and years in development came to fruition today. TORO is here today due to a frustration with the way that enterprise software applications have traditionally been sold, customized, deployed and managed. It seems to us that the enterprise software sales and development model has not changed significantly in the past few decades.

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